Scotch Brite Listeners

3M is running “The Listeners”, a television advertising campaign for Scotch Brite. Lead listener Heather and the boom guy Steve appear wherever there’s a need. They’re unconventional. They’re unpredictable. They’re out there, listening to what consumers are saying, so Scotch-Brite can make their products better. See how their listening led to the invention of sponges that won’t trap food.

Scotch Brite The Listeners

Scotch Brite The Listeners - Heather

Lead Listener Heather

Lead Listener Heather always keeps an ear out for consumer needs and an eye out for her partner (who tends to wander). She’s so likeable that no one minds when they find her listening at their back door. The lab loves Heather for her great insights – and crunchy snacks. Her philosophy: the world would be a better place if we all listened to each other more.

Steve The Sound Guy

Steve the Sound Guy can seem a little intense, but that’s because he is. He’s stealthy as a ninja, except when he’s clumsy as an ox. His hobbies include listening to music, listening to the radio, and just plain listening. He hopes someday the lab will name a cleaning tool after him.

3M Listeners Credits

The 3M Listeners campaign was developed at Grey New York by partner Ken Dowling, executive creative director Jeff Odiorne, creative director Jeff Wine, associate creative director Anthony Coleman, producer Tricia Bowman, account director Mark Amorelli, account supervisor Erin Metcalf, account executive Allison Posluszny, assistant account executive Chelsea Athorn, broadcast business managers Cece Critchley and Lisa Johnson.

Filming was shot in Los Angeles by director Matt Pittroff via Twist Film with director of photography Andy Lilien, executive producers Jim Geib and Amyliz Pera, associate producer Alissa Libert and line producer Steve Blair.

Editor was Jason Cacioppo at Subvoyant with executive producer Adam Dugas.