Sangue Corinthiano Madness in Blood

Fundação Pró-Sangue (Pro blood donation Foundation), recently ran “Nossa Loucura Está no Sangue” (Our madness is in our blood), a new edition of the Sangue Corinthiano advertising campaign, focusing on the fans of popular Brazilian football team Corinthians. Run between April 6 and 13, the campaign featured members of the Corinthians, also known as the Gang of Crazies, wearing straitjackets. The football stars, Paulinho, Alexandre Pato and Alessandro, have one arm free to show that they’ve given blood. The campaign promoted the Dia Corinthiano Doar Sangue (The Day Corinthian fans donate blood), with information on venues posted online at

Sangue Corinthiano Paulinho

Sangue Corinthiano Pato

Sangue Corinthiano Allesandro


The Sangue Corinthiano campaign was developed at Publicis Brasil by creative director Hugo Rodrigues, art directors Sidney Araújo and Daniel Schiavon, copywriter Rodrigo Strozenberg, account team Gabriela Borges, Rebecca Nociti, Amanda Sampaio and Jorge Hohmuth, media planners Loredana Cortese and Marcela Isa, photographer Thiago Antonovas, producers Rita Vilarim, Emerson Russo and Thiago Loureiro, art buyer Selma Momosse. Post production was done at Burti HD. Final artwork was by Adriano Idas and Claudio Alves. Client approval was by Milton Oliveira.