Samsung What Is Your Position?

Samsung is marketing flexible monitors with “What Is Your Position?”, a quirky commercial developed in The Netherlands. How do you use your laptop? Do you sit up, lay down or crouch over it? The commercial reveals the people whose ergonomics put their bodies and productivity at risk while at work and leisure, mirroring the risky postures associated with laptops, mobile devices and tablets. Samsung’s monitors, always at eye level, are presented as the creative and healthy option.

Samsung Coffee Drinking

Samsung Positions Credits

The Samsung Positions campaign was developed at Cheel, (Cheil Worldwide), Netherlands by creative director/copywriter Frans Pootjes, concept team Ton van Jole and Peter Tromp, art director Peter Tromp, social media director Paul Braat, account team Mara Dykhuizen, Eric de Lange working with Samsung marketing team Yvo Vissers, Jolanda Brink, Steffany van der Hout, Janet Kroondijk.

Filming was shot by director Martijn van Hees via Met Wie.

Samsung Hitchhiker
Samsung Pavers
Samsung Eating Haring