Samsung Like Companions

Samsung is running “Like Companions”, an integrated advertising campaign promoting the Galaxy S4 phone, connecting people through shared interests. The campaign allows people to compare their Facebook likes to everyone else’s. It gives users interesting insights into their current friend base and allows them to discover new friends as well. Users connect their Facebook account to Here, their likes are compared to those of friends and to the likes of everyone else entering the campaign. The people who have the most in common are shown as Like Companions. Current friends are shown instantly, whilst unfamiliar people can be greeted. As soon as someone greets back, they can see each other’s Facebook profile. It’s up to the users if this leads to new (Facebook) friendships.

Samsung Like Companions

Like Companions is part of the “Life Companion” introduction campaign for the Samsung GALAXY S4. The device allows people to easily connect with each other through their favorite content. For instance, users can wirelessly connect their screens and speakers to enjoy their favorite content together. Participants of the campaign have a chance to win the GALAXY S4, together with a Like Companion of their choice.


The Samsung Like Companions campaign was developed at Energize, Amsterdam, by creatives Jesse Ridder and Jurriaan van Bokhoven, designer Paul Duijser, strategist Sjoerd Goderie, interactive designer Chris Pierson, account director Jack Gnodde, working with Samsung Electronics Benelux marketing team Floris Regouin, Geert Mol, Caroline Teengs and Steffany van der Hout.

Technical development was done at MediaMonks. Illustration was by LouLou & Tummie (Shop Around). Media was handled at Starcom.