Samsung King of TV City

Samsung has launched “King of TV City”, a television commercial announcing the new Samsung Smart TV, a television that can be controlled with voice and hand gestures. A lone man wanders through the streets of an eerie, deserted city before being confronted by a host of characters from the world of television and movies. From rampaging dinosaurs, to stampeding wildebeest and an alien invasion our hero controls each one using his voice and hands.

Samsung King of TV City Dinosaur

Samsung King of TV City Spacecraft
Samsung King of TV City Dinosaur

King of TV City Credits

The King of TV City ad was developed at CHI & Partners, London, by creative director Jonathan Burley, art director Alexei Berwitz, copywriter Rob Webster, agency producer Alex Nicholson, planners Anthony Cox and Oli Egan, account team Christian Hinchcliffe and Ana Saffer.

Filming was shot by director Adam Berg via Stink with director of photography Mattias Montero and producer Ben Croker.

Editor was Paul Hardcastle at Trim, London.

Visual effects were produced at MPC, London, by VFX supervisor Franck Lambertz, producer Chris Allen, CG supervisor Christopher Antoniou, sequence supervisor Mark Gregory, VFX team Tom Carrick, David Picarda, Brice Lehmann, Yousuke Matsuno, Bevis Jones, Oliver Caiden, Stefan Susemihl, Daniel Cowley, David Singer, Jama Djurabaev, Levente Peterffy, Adam Leary, Melanie Keyzor, Jan Sladecko, and colorist Mark Gethin.

Audio post production was done at Jungle Studios.

Media was handled at Starcom by Erica Chen.

Music is John Murphy’s “Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)” from Danny Boyle’s feature film “Sunshine”, supervised by Mad Planet.