Samsung Galaxy 11 to take on aliens

Samsung has brought together a team of soccer players to take on an impending invasion of extra terrestrial footballers in a science fiction branding campaign designed to be rolled out over a year. The Galaxy 11 campaign, online at, is based on the premise that Earth is being invaded by aliens, and the only way to save the planet is to beat the invaders in a soccer match.

Samsung Galaxy 11 Team site

The campaign began in October with teasers outlining the appearance of mysterious circles and strange hooded figures at football matches.

Samsung released the first branded video in the campaign on November 1, featuring an interview with retired German soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer explained that aliens in dark robes had made contact with him, making sense of mysterious circles appearing in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Hackney Marshes, London, and Times Square, New York. The aliens have challenged the earth to a winner-takes-all game of football.

In the weeks since, Samsung has released videos announcing the appointment of global football stars Lionel Messi (captain), Alexander Kerzhakov, Lee Chung-Yong, Rooney, Mario Götze, Iker Casillas, Iker Casillas, Wu Lei, Radamel Falcao, Victor Moses, Oscar, Landon Donovan and Ronaldo. On Wednesday December 18 Samsung released “The Beginning”, a four minute video announcing the imminent invasion and documenting the gathering of the Galactic 11 team. Players are shown wearing the Samsung Gear watch. The video ends with the team suited up in black astronaut uniforms in a hangar before a title card, “Football will save the planet,” and the address of a microsite for Galaxy 11. The players have been promoting the Galaxy 11 videos on Twitter and Facebook. The campaign will now build momentum as the team prepares to take on the aliens in an effects-laden football match in 2014.

Samsung Galaxy 11 Team site - The Ultimate Team The Ultimate Technology

Lionel Messi, the Argentine soccer star, is recruited as captain of the Galaxy 11.

Russian great Alexander Kerzhakov joins the battle against the dark Alien threat

South Korean winger Lee Chung-Yong joins the ranks of Earth’s only intergalactic team, GALAXY 11

Rooney joins the Galaxy 11

Mario Götze has joined the battle to save Earth from alien destruction

Radamel Falcao has joined in the ultimate galactic battle for Earth.

Rising star Victor Moses has been selected to play for Earth in one do-or-die football match against Aliens.

Iker Casillas, the world’s most decorated goalkeeper, has enlisted his talents to help save Earth from the Alien threat

Wu Lei has joined the only football team who can save our planet.

Oscar has joined GALAXY 11 in the fight to save our planet.

Landon Donovan, America’s all-time leading goal scorer has joined the ranks of #GALAXY11.

Ronaldo joins the Galaxy 11


The Galaxy 11 campaign was developed at R/GA, San Francisco, and Cheil Worldwide, Seoul.

Filming was shot by director Reynald Gresset via Caviar with director of photography Arnaud Potier.

Special effects were produced at Eight VFX.