Red Cross #DonateExample

Red Cross Brazil (Cruz Vermelha Brasileira) is running #donateexample, a digital campaign in which a virtual blood bag feeds the timeline of youtube videos. Clube 25 invites people between the ages of 18 and 25 to register to donate blood on a regular basis. They are able to promote the club by posting the animated blood bag beside videos they post on Youtube. “A club where it costs nothing to be a member. Only generosity.”

Clube 25 Blood Bag

Clube 25 Blood Bag


The #DonateExample campaign was developed at Arcos Communicacao by executive creative director Carlos Renato Rocha, art director Thiago Reis, copywriter João Saraiva, agency producer Juliana Sarda, media managers Paula Fernanda, Carol Campello, illustrator Eugenio Lima, 3D illustrator Saulo Lísias, web developer David Vieira.

Production was done at Três Caras. Sound was produced at Onomatopeia.