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Red Bull has launched “Red Bull Flow”, an iPhone and Android app built for the BMX and skateboarding community to film and share their tricks. With Instagram Video and Vine already catering for moving images in the social media world, what’s Flow’s USP? That it can stitch together complete films from user-uploaded tricks, without the need for any video editing software or any prior editing knowledge. Red Bull Flow also ensures that the millions of clips filmed every day help BMXers and skaters get better at their sport as well as helping to share clips with friends.

Red Bull Flow

“We were tasked to build Red Bull Flow to be the best way for BMXers and Skateboarders to share their tricks,” says Jonathan Attenborough of Sidekick Studios, who designed the app. “Individual clips are filmed and uploaded with the app. Clips are tagged with the rider, trick and spot. The app then creates edits by stitching the clips together around a tag – which we call Flows. It’s pretty exciting because the app can make lots of different films depending on the tags.”

Red Bull is inviting the public to use the Flow app to create innovative bmx and skate riding films without any editing experience required. Users are asked to upload films of between 15-to-20 clips using the tag “Your name + PhoneEdit” (eg: if your name is Joe Bloggs, the tag would be JoeBloggsPhoneEdit). Three of the best filmers, as decided by pro BMXer Kriss Kyle, will then earn a unique, Red Bull-inspired day-out at one of the UK’s biggest BMX events at Birmingham’s NEC on 29th September.

Red Bull Flow Biker

“Making a bmx or skate edit on a phone couldn’t be easier,” says Peter Adam, one of the UK’s most respected BMX film-makers. “There’s no need to carry around a heavy bag of the latest expensive camera equipment, just take your phone out of your pocket and start shooting. You can upload directly from your phone too, and the only editing you do is to trim the clips – the app edits them together – so you’re only limited by your imagination.” Check out Peter’s own Flow.

“Competitions based around creating a video edit alienate those who don’t have access to editing resources,” says Kel Verbiest, digital content manager at, “It’s good to see that there’s an app that puts every single entrant on the same level in terms of what they have at their disposal and therefore ultimately boiling it down to talent. I’m intrigued to see if it will usher in a new generation of film-makers.”

Download the android app or iPhone app.

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