Qantas Stories for Every Journey

Australian airline Qantas is providing 4000 Platinum One frequent flyers with “Stories for Every Journey”, a collection of books chosen to match the distance between taking off and landing. The back cover of all the books shows the full lists of titles in the series (with the selected book highlighted) as well as it’s matched journey and available reading time. Australian authors James Castrission, Tony Cavanaugh, Sean Fewster, Kimberley Freeman, Lian Hearn, William McInnes, Peter FitzSimons, Jack Marx, Rob Mundle and Roland Perry were included in the collection which spans adventure, crime, women’s fiction, literary, history and romance and offers travellers a different experience each time they fly. The campaign recently won a Gold Design Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2013.

Qantas Stories for Every Journey

Droga5 Sydney worked with Paul Belford in London to create a beautiful set of books with a simple, elegant design that allowed the idea to breathe. A common layout and restricted colour palate ensured the books visually felt part of the big idea, while retaining an individuality based on each title and tailored to a key Qantas route. Using an old Olivetti 1950’s typewriter for the book titles, the typography nodded to the printed pages inside. The box was carefully considered, to feel like a beautiful and elegantly simple object the recipients would want to keep. The paper stock’s textual feel is soft and clean, like the design piece as a whole.

Qantas Stories for Every Journey - Back Cover

Qantas Stories for Every Journey - Kokoda

Qantas Stories for Every Journey - Man's Got To Have A Journey

Qantas Stories for Every Journey - Bligh Master Mariner

Qantas Stories for Every Journey - Blossoms and Shadows

Qantas Stories for Every Journey - Extreme South

Qantas Stories for Every Journey - Bligh Master Mariner


The Stories for Every Journey project was developed at Droga5 by creative chairman David Nobay, executive creative director Duncan marshall, creative director/head of art and art director Daryl Corps, art director Daniel Bolton, copywriter Barnaby Packham, senior business director Liz Ainslie, business manager Frankie Garlick, senior print producer Anthony Martin, working with designer Paul Belford. The books were published by Hachette.

The case study film was shot by director Nick Hunter with director of photography Tomas Y’barra.

The 10 books and their specified flight routes are:
City of Evil by Sean Fewster (Adelaide to Canberra)
Australian Tragic by Jack Marx (Sydney to Auckland)
A Man’s Got to Have a Hobby by William McInnes (Perth to Singapore)
Promise by Tony Cavanaugh (Melbourne to Hong Kong)
Extreme South by James Castrission (Sydney to Tokyo)
Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman (Sydney to Dubai)
Bligh: Master Mariner by Rob Mundle (Sydney to Santiago)
Blossoms & Shadows by Lian Hearn (Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth)
Kokoda by Peter FitzSimons (Sydney to New York)
The Australian Light Horse by Roland Perry (Melbourne to London).