Publicis Groupe 2014 digital greeting

After hacking the YouTube functionality last year with Digital Wishes for 2013, Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy is back again with a new year corporate speech that features 2 Chinese dragons, a confetti storm, cheerleaders and much more. This year, in light of the expected Publicis Groupe and Omnicom Group merger of equals, Publicis Groupe decided to celebrate along the theme of “The More The Merrier!” The idea for this year’s experience is simple: The more people that join in during the video, the merrier it will become. DigitasLBi Paris have developed a fancy facial detection algorithm that allows a webcam to count how many people are actually watching the video together.

Publicis Groupe Maurice Levy with 7 characters

If you watch the video by yourself you won’t notice anything out of the ordinary, but if you add one friend you’ll see Maurice Lévy delivering his corporate speech in a confetti storm. Bring a few more colleagues and you may see gospel singers, cheerleaders, Chinese dragons and a few other surprises as Maurice Lévy tries to keep his cool. Try and see what happens even when there’s no one behind the screen. Gather some friends and watch what happens at

Download the first ever Maurice Lévy original SoundCloud track, “The More The Merrier” at Soundcloud. If you’re feeling lonely and need a few friends to join you, download the Publicis Groupe friends document, print it off and hold it in front of your webcam.

Publicis Groupe The More The Merrier

The More The Merrier experience isn’t available to view on mobile or tablet platforms. Publicis Groupe have YouTube videos pointing mobile users to the desktop experience.

Publicis Groupe Maurice Levy with Balloons

Publicis Groupe Maurice Levy with Lighting

Publicis Groupe Maurice Levy with 1 viewer

Publicis Groupe Maurice Levy with 4 dancers

Publicis Groupe Maurice Levy with 6 singers

Publicis Groupe Maurice Levy with 2 dragons


Publicis Groupe staff on the project were VP, Communications Director Peggy Nahmany, communications coordinator Sabrina Pittea and communications officer Lindsay McCallum.

The More The Merrier project was developed at DigitasLBi Paris by president Mathieu Morgensztern, chief creative officer Bridget Jung, creative director Nicolas Thiboutot, creatives Frederick Lung and Philippe Pinel, art director Chisato Tchisuya, graphic designers Aline Kesting and Manu Azouvi, creative producer Amélie Cruchet, project director Alexandre Gallais, motion director Jeremy Vissio, creative technology producer Brice d’Annoville, creative technology manager Philippe Bordachar, creative coder Loup-Rodolphe Thibault, creative technologist Julien Terraz, creative coder Damien Pitard, with special thanks to Nolwenn De la Pintière and Sarah Coutin.

Production was done at Prodigious, Paris, by president Pierre Marcus, producer Thierry Delesalle, director François Nemeta, production officer Charlène Plozner.

Music was by Patrick Sigwalt and Audio Networks.