Prayer 10 Meters Apart

An interfaith prayer project has won three Grand Prix awards for Film, New or innovative, and Events, this week at the Golden Drum Awards in Portoroz, Slovenia, following on from the Titanium Lion awarded at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The Macedonian government launched a campaign to promote ethnic cohabitation, tolerance and acceptance. inspired by the inhabitants of a remote Macedonian village, the campaign organisers set out to broadcast TV and radio commercials featuring an event in which Muslim and Orthodox Christian men prayed together for peace, ten meters apart, on October 18, 2012. Religious leaders Father Mihail and Miftar Ismali joined together in a print advertising campaign calling for a return to peaceful cohabitation. The campaign has a microsite,, calling for Macedonia to commit to an annual national prayer day.

Prayer Ten Meters Apart

Father Mihail Prayer Ten Meters Apart
Miftar Ismali Prayer Ten Meters Apart

“Hatred is violence to the heart and intolerance is violence to the intellect. In a region plagued by wars such as the Balkans, where Christians and Muslims live close, but faraway as possible – launching a campaign for the reintroduction of ethnic tolerance was almost a doomed task. But extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and that is why the campaign was as unique as it was direct. By organizing the first ever joint prayer by Christians and Muslims, we showed that tolerance is giving to every other human being the right that you claim for yourself.”

Father Ismail & Miftar Islami

10 Meters Apart Credits

The Ten Meters Apart campaign was developed at New Moment New Ideas Company, Skopje, by executive creative director/copywriter Dushan Drakalski, art director Nikola Vojnov, account team Filip Dimitrov and Aneta Stevkovska, PR director Eli Peseva.

Filming was shot by directors Marko GJokovik and Dushan Drakalski via Sektor Film, Skopje, with director of photography Dragoljub Nikolovski, producer Vladimir Anastasov and editor Filip Grcev. Post production was done at Video House Macedonia, Skopje. Music was produced by Zlatko Origjanski.