Physical Abuse It Follows Me Around

The NSPCC ChildLine online campaign, “It Follows Me Around”, has won a Gold award at the British Arrows this week. Featuring the child actor Sammy Williams, who starred in the films ‘Wild Bill’ and ‘Attack The Block’, and Neil Maskell as his father, the film aims to help young people understand the signs of physical abuse and realise that it is not their fault.

It Follows Me Around

ChildLine includes the following message to potential viewers: “This video contains scenes of physical violence which may trigger painful memories or emotions if you have been through a similar experience. Experiencing physical abuse when you think you have nobody to talk to can leave you feeling very lonely. ChildLine is here for you whenever you need us. It doesn’t have to be like this. You can contact us online or phone us free on 0800 1111.

Physical Abuse Credits

The Follows Me Around campaign was developed at NSPCC by creative director/producer Louis Haywood, copywriters/art directors Ben Liam Jones and Andy Hunter.

Filming was shot by directors Ben Liam Jones and Andy Hunter via ShootMedia and Mustard Films with producer Elliott Cranmer and director of photography Duncan Telford.

Post production was done at MPC, London by VFX artist Matt Osbourne. Editor was Patric Ryan at Marshall Street Editors. Audio post production was done at Grand Central.