Persil for Whatever Life Throws

Unilever has launched “For Whatever Life Throws”, a television commercial promoting the Persil Small & Mighty laundry line and celebrating the resilience of UK kids. Following on from the long running “Dirt is Good” campaign, the commercial shows a young girl confidently walking through a barrage of coloured juices and foods.

Persil for Whatever Life Throws


The Whatever Life Throws ad was developed at DLKWLowe, London, by creatives Chris Bowsher and Frances Leach, and producer Trudy Waldron.

Filming was shot by director Niall O’Brien via Academy Films with executive producer Dom Thomas, producer Jeremy Muthana and director of photography Alex Barber.

Editor was Ed Line at Final Cut, London.

Post production was done at The Mill, London, by VFX producer Cat Scott, 2D lead artists Adam Watson, 2D artists Milo Patterson, John Price, Siro Valentine, Chris Scott, Dave Wishartt, Wispy, James Pratt, and colourist Aubrey Woodiwiss.

Adam Watson, Mill 2D Lead comments, “Persil was a challenging but equally rewarding project. It became obvious early on that to achieve Niall’s vision we would need to shoot the girl on location at one frame rate and all the stains on green screen at a different frame rate. Many takes later we were left with a library of amazing fluid elements to start working with. We spent weeks going through the extensive selects of the stains and liquids, composing each shot and crafting the final piece. Full background replacement and environment augmentation was also done to bring an extra springtime dimension to the ad. It was a real pleasure working with Niall who brought a fresh and unique perspective to what I do.”

Music is Outro. (feat. Zola Jesus) from M83‘s album “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming”.

  • AeonTree

    The song-track sounds okay, BUT there’s something ‘askew’ with the ad’s presentation. I’m actually uncomfortable with the content. The ?young girl? has a sultry, sensual look in her eyes. Eyes which don’t seem to portray her young age. ..equally disturbing, is the ‘ejection’ of liquid-colours splattering against her dress. This looks like a glorified advert for ‘peodos’., and what’s surprising about this, is that ‘it’ apparently escapes the radar and allowed to air on tv. Just because it’s Persil, does not mean that this advert is ‘clean’.

  • SallyJ

    I have to agree with Aeon Tree – I too fine this advert quite uncomfortable. Her eyes are odd and she seems ‘spaced out’ and apart from what is happening to her and almost surreal. I didn’t pick up what the ad was trying to portray and, indeed, was quite surprised to learn it was for a washing powder – I had thought it might be for some sort of paints as the girl has an almost renaissance quality about her.