Pepsi Max Beyoncé Mirrors

Pepsi is running “Mirrors”, a music video featuring Beyoncé over and over again. Beyoncé is shown rehearsing for a music video of her up and coming single “Grown Woman”, joined in a dance-off by previous versions of herself wearing costumes from msuic videos for “Crazy in Love”, “Single Ladies”, “Who Run the World” and “Bootilicious”. Beyonce finally surpasses her mirrored predecessors with a choreographed sequence demonstrating the Pepsi mantra “Live For Now”.

Pepsi Beyoncé Mirrors

Beyonce Mirrors Credits

The Beyonce Mirrors campaign was developed at 180 LA by global CEO Mike Allen
, executive creative director William Gelner
, creative directors Matthew Woodhams-Roberts, Dave Horton, creatives Aramis Israel and Julia Tsao, executive producer Peter Cline, senior producer Lorraine Kraus
, account director Lauren Lombardo, account manager Frith Dabkowski, and director of business affairs Loretta Zolliecoffer.

Filming was shot by director Jake Nava via Believe Media with executive producers Liz Silver, Luke Thornton, Gerard Cantor, line producer Benedict Cooper, stylist Ty Hunter and choreographer Frank Gatson.

Editors were Joel Miller, Sean Stender, Steve Gandolfi and Julia Knight at Cut + Run with managing director Michelle Burke, executive producer Carr Schilling.

Colorists were Adam Scott and Shane Reed at The Mill with executive producer LaRue Anderson and producer Sarah Laborde.

Special effects and VFX were produced at Framestore, Los Angeles, by creative director Aron Hjartarson, VFX/compositing supervisor Alex Thomas, VFX/CG supervisor Ben West, Flame team Ben Cronin, Mark Beardall, Savneet Nagi, Jodi Tyne, Andy Davis, George Roper, Avtar Bains, Chris Redding, CG/FX team Dean Grubb, Jon Balcome, Gary Laurie, Grant Walker, 2D team Jonni Isaacs, JD Yepes, Eric Deinzer, executive producer Kati Haberstock, producers Mary Nockles, Bethan Thomas, executive producer Kati Haberstock, producers Mary Nockles and Andrew McLintock, and senior producer Bethan Thomas.

Sound was mixed at Eleven Sound by Jeff Payne and designed at Trinitite Studios by Brian Emrich.