Pantene Philippines #Whipit on Gender Labels

Pantene Philippines and Rappler have launched #Whipit, an integrated advertising campaign focused on putting an end to labels about women. The television commercial at the heart of the campaign provides a range of word associations linked with gender in the workplace. The ad finishes with Pantene brand ambassador Catriona Gray encouraging women to discard the business straitjacket. Social news network Rappler has provided the research behind #Whipit, running a Beating The Odds forum and promoting online discussion around gender stereotypes and business.

Pantene Labels Men & Women

Pantene Don't Let Labels

Pantene 70 percent of men thought women need to downplay personality


The #Whipit campaign was developed at BBDO Guerrero, Manila, by chief creative officer David Guerrero, executive creative directors Dale Lopez and Tin Sanchez, copywriter Lauren Lim, art directors Isai Martinez and Liz Castañeda, associate creative director/copywriter Donna Dimayuga, account director Karen Go, agency producers Anj Dela Calzada and Jing Abellera, and account manager Patricia Cui.

Filming was shot by director Simon Cracknell via Filmex.

Music is a rendition of “Mad World” by Tears for Fears.

Tears for Fears version

  • auggziliary

    This is awesome!

  • Luna Seer

    FAIL IMHO—- the video campaign has one big flaw— if you were to do a screen freeze or a frame freeze on the labels, then you only capture the labels on the women, and you don’t get the “whipit” tagline… baaaad. it’s almost like the labels are in fact being reinforced… because you only see the whipit tagline at the very end… when someone misses the end… and not everyone has time to sit through a whole commercial… then they are left with the stereotyping and labels imagery… :(

  • Alyssa

    Who are the actors featured in this ad?

    • Faye

      The only one I’m familiar with is the girl in the last part, her name is Catriona Gray

  • kerinbot

    I would like to know WHO does this “rendition” of Mad World – who is the artist? I like this version and would like to know where i could get a copy of it?

    • Antonio

      The song was covered by local singer Cyril Cabornay. She’s not widely known in the Philippines but she does vocals for TV commercials. I don’t think this version is commercially available.

    • Susan Boyle – Mad World