Organ Donation Cliffhangers

The Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland is running “The Decision” (Die Entscheidung, La Décision, La Decisione), a campaign aimed at encouraging citizens to decide early whether or not they will donate their organs. The films are true cliffhangers: A driver loses control of his car and, together with his passenger, ends up hanging precariously over the edge of a cliff. In this situation, certain they are about to die, they discuss whether or not they have planned to donate their organs. The 4 minute online cliffhanger can be seen in English at, in German at, in French at, in Italian at and is associated with a full campaign site at

Organ Donation Cliffhanger

The campaign consists of three 30 second spots, “Organs”, “Record Collection” and “Mami”, which lead up to a four minute online film.

If Swiss citizens do not decide whether or not they wish to donate their organs while alive, their relatives must make this decision after their death. With this campaign, the Swiss government wants to raise awareness of how important it is to decide early about organ donation and to inform relatives. In this way Swiss citizens can save their relatives from having to make that difficult decision.

Cliffhangers Credits

The Cliffhangers campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Switzerland by executive creative director/creative Johannes Raggio, creatives Pablo Schencke and Peter Brönnimann.

Filming was shot by director Micha Lewinsky via Stories, Zurich, with director of photography Daniela Knapp.