One Hero Has the Power

Canadian Blood Services, OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network are running “One Hero”, an online interactive comic book experience at, designed to recruit young (17-35) male donors of stem cells. Canadian Blood Services has noted that these donor cells result in the most successful matches, especially for those of one’s own background. One Hero is an online interactive comic book experience that pits the user against a madman that has released a virus and is creating an infected army. The story mirrors the real life experience of a victim who needs a stem cell donor, and the donor who has the power to save them. As the user progresses through the experience, they inch closer to the revelation that sometimes there’s a thin line between fiction and fact.

One Hero Poster

One Hero Stem

One Hero Fight

One Hero Slices


The One Hero campaign was developed at RAPP Canada by creative director Barb Williams, copywriter Eric Grimes, art director Carla Rimando, agency producer Caroline Clarke, account team Susan Powell, account dDirector Leigh Farlow, senior account executive John Davis, social media strategist Parker Mason, Flash developer Heung Lee, analytics Kevin McHugh.

Production was done at STOPP/LA by creative director Zachary Richter, art director Abraham Cortes, technical director Ola Björling, lead developer Jin Kim, animator Justin Young, executive producer Fredrik Montan Frizell, senior integrated producer Kristen Koeller and illustrator Gary Musgrave.

Music was composed by Ian Persson Stiernsward. Sound was produced at Plan8.

Media was handled at OMD by digital specialist Dan Stanisz, strategy supervisor Tyler Gain and contact Michelle Jaraim.

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