Nothing Beats an AXE Astronaut

Unilever is running a television advertising campaign featuring astronauts, a lifeguard and a fireman, promoting Axe and Lynx Apollo. “Lifeguard”, aired during the 2013 Super Bowl, shows a woman (Shané Van Der Westhuizen) being rescued from a shark by a heroic lifeguard. The chemistry borne of heroism is totally lost when an astronaut in his suit wanders down the beach. The same scenario is played in an earlier commercial in which the heroic fireman rescues his damsel from a burning building. “Nothing beats an astronaut”. The campaign is linked with a contest to win a trip into space hosted by A·A·S·A: AXE Apollo Space Academy, online at and “Leave a man. Come back a hero”.

Axe Nothing Beats An Astronaut

Click on the image below to play the Lifeguard (60 seconds)

Click on the image below to play the Fire Fighter (60 seconds) video

Axe Apollo Space Academy

Unilever’s global social media campaign, run over 94 local markets around the globe, is calling for entries for a chance to win one of 22 tickets into space. Between 100 and 200 people in each market, chosen by the number of online votes, will be invited to attend a national space camp at which they must undertake a series of physical and mental challenges. The best 100 performers from across the world will be invited to attend a global space camp in Florida where, under the eye of space industry experts, they’ll get the chance to experience zero gravity and drive space buggies and compete for their spot in the final 22 who actually go into space. At each stage of the process, participants will be encouraged to post updates and share content. Participation at the space camps will also be filmed and the best content used in national campaigns with the best of this used globally.

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin introduces the new Space Camp contest. Click on the image below to play the Space Camp project video

AXE Astronaut Credits

The AXE Astronaut campaign was developed at BBH by creative director David Kolbusz, creative team Wesley Hawes and Gary McCreadie, Diego Oliveira and Caio Giannella, agency producer Ruben Mercadal, assistant producer George Ancock, head of strategy Jonathan Bottomley, strategic business lead Ngaio Pardon, strategy director Tim Jones, team director Tom Murphy, team manager Jennifer Omran, working with Axe global brand director Tomas Marcenaro, global brand manager Jim Brennan, global assistant brand manager Michael Coden

Filming was shot by director Tim Godsall via Biscuit Filmworks with executive producer Orlando Wood, producer Rick Jarjoura, director of photography Jess Hall.

Post production was done at Framestore by producer Abby Orchard, colourist Simon Bourne, VFX supervisor/Flame artist Chris Redding, CG supervisor Dragos Stefan and Flame artist Savneet Nagi.

Sound was designed at Phaze UK and mixed/arranged by Raja Sehgal at Grand Central. Music was produced at Human Worldwide.

The Now On Earth spot was produced by Nick Jasenovec at Caviar, with visual effects produced at Framestore.

Axe Fireman Astronaut