No child should ever be for sale

World Vision Canada is running “No Child For Sale”, an integrated advertising campaign calling for people to join together in opposition to the human trafficking trade. Durable, strong and adaptable. For $65 you can own a 9-year-old that can work up to 18 hours a day. Some things should never be for sale, but every year over 1.2 million children are sold into slavery. This is the daunting statistic behind the latest spot for World Vision Canada. The campaign, including commercial, making-of film, desktop wallpapers, Facebook and Twitter banners, print advertising and posters, is online at
and the World Visions Canada YouTube Channel.

Kewesi For Sale in World Vision campaign

Kewesi For Sale in World Vision campaign
Kewesi For Sale in World Vision campaign
No Child For Sale Wallpaper
No Child For Sale Twitter Cover Photo

No Child For Sale Credits

The No Child For Sale campaign was developed at KBS+P by associate creative director Mark Lewis and Nicole Ellerton, and agency producer Alina Prussky.

Filming was shot by director Ben Gregor via OPC and Knucklehead with executive producers Donovan Boden, Harland Weiss, line producer Dwight Phipps and director of photography Doug Kogh. Editor was Brian Wells at School Editing. Colourist was Randy Perry at Technicolor.

Digital work was done at Real Interactive.