Nivea StressTest in Airport

Nivea is promoting Stress Protect Deo, a new product, with an advertising campaign centred on a candid camera exercise run in Hamburg Airport. People waiting in an airport lounge, set up by their friends, each discovered that they were at the centre of an extensive manhunt, on the front page of a local newspaper read by an actor, and broadcast on the airport lounge television screen. As the stress levels grew, two security agents approached the hoax victims to ask if they were feeling stressed. A suitcase was opened to reveal Nivea’s Stress Protect deodorant.

Nivea StressTest woman in airport

Nivea StressTest Behind the Scenes

Nivea’s marketing team assures concerned viewers of the Youtube video that the hoax victims were checked out beforehand for heart problems and mental health issues. Once the ruse was revealed they were debriefed, guided around and shown behind the scenes. See the behind-the-scenes video.

Stresstest in Germany

The Society for the German Language (GfdS) declared “Stresstest” as the Word of the Year in 2011. European officials use Stresstest to refer to tests of the financial strength of banks. German rail operator Deutsche Bahn performed a stress test on the controversial Stuttgart 21 rail infrastructure project. In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe in Japan, German officials used the word to refer to tests they did on the Germany‚Äôs nuclear facilities.

Nivea StressTest Credits

The Nivea StressTest campaign was developed at Felix & Lamberti, Hamburg, by creative director/copywriter Felix Schulz and art director Johannes Widmer.

Filming was shot by directing collective WeFilm via Jotz!, Hamburg.

Nivea StressTest kit in airport

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