Nissan Wedding Runaway Test Drive

Nissan has been preparing Europe for the launch of the newly designed NOTE with a virtual test drive video with a difference. The personalized interactive test drive tests the car’s design and safety features to the limit with the appearance of an unexpected passenger in the shape of a runaway bride or groom, depending on the user’s gender or preference. The video uses Facebook Connect to collect users data to personalize the experience but can also be done manually by entering user’s name and gender. See the New Note test drive online at

Nissan The Wedding


The NOTE Wedding project was developed at TBWA\G1 by pan-Europe executive creative director Rudi Anggono, art directrors Kiminori Suzuki and Marianne Fonferrier, copywriters Antoine Colin and Ela Tengirsek, agency producer Emilie Prud’homme, account team Ewan Veitch, Thomas Codet, Aurélie Crespo, Bastien Demnard, Thomas Schneider, Hafida Derouiche, Nathia Kisovec working with Nissan marketing team Gareth Dunsmore, Arnaud Charpentier, Michel Fromentin.

Digital work was done at DAN Paris by digital creative director Franck Botbol and creative technology director Nicolas Le-Pallec.

Filming was shot by director Luc Schurgers at Minivegas with production by TBWA\Else Paris.