Nike Tech Fleece Inside the Innovation

Nike is promoting the launch of the Nike Tech Pack: Tech Fleece with “Inside the Innovation”, a commercial showing how an equal amount of technology goes into building its street wear as does its footwear. A CG loom is used to demonstrate the spooling of hundreds of thousands of threads into one piece of fabric. The spot features the Nike Tech Fleece AW77 3.0 with hood, currently available only in Europe.

Nike Tech Fleece CG Loom

Nike Tech Fleece Hood
Nike Tech Fleece Threads
Nike Tech Fleece Site

Inside the Innovation Credits

The Inside The Innovation project was commissioned at Nike by global brand media executive producer Noah Stanik, global brand media producer Thea Bergeron, sportswear brand marketing manager Les Green, global brand communications director Gabe Folik, global design brand art director Michael Spoljaric, content and creative management project manager Trish Moyer.

Production was done at Royale by executive creative directors Brien Holman and Jayson Whitmore, managing director Jennifer Lucero, executive producer Chris Volckmann, art director/designer Jonathan Kim, designers Jen Olive Lee, Juliet Park, David Viau and Patrick Clarke, previs artist Blake Beynon, CG supervisor/VFX lead Andy Moorer, technical director Steve Caron, 3D modeling team Juan Carlos Cuadra, Erick Schiele and Adam Rosenzweig, 3D environment team Brian Broussard and Craig Christian, 3D animators James Lane, Aldrich Torres, Matt Guzzardo and Billy Maloney, VFX/Ice artists Ciaran Moloney, Leonard Koch and William Morrison, compositing lead Geronimo Moralez, compositors Renzo Reyes, Dan Blank, Geronimo Moralez, John Cornejo and Pency Kinnard, head of production Danielle Hazan, producers Jamey Kitchens and Sean Sullivan.

Audio production was done at Echolab by composer/sound designer Gavin Little.

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