Newport Film Festival Mandible

Newport Beach Film Festival‘s advertising campaign in 2013 was centred on “Mandible”, a six-minute horror showpiece. Graphic, intense and unlike anything film festival goers are prepared for, this hard-hitting short film takes the audience into a heightened state and then reminds them to relax. This is not real life, just particles of light on a screen, a demonstration of the incredible power of film. The tension builds as the patient (Ronnie Gene Blevins) arrives, meets the assistant (Jessie O’Donohue), fills out forms and eventually sits in the dentist’s chair. After he lies about how often he flosses, the dentist (Timothy Murphy) straps him down and gives him an unorthodox cleaning indeed, leaving him with no teeth left to speak of, and plenty to think about. At the end, the dentist turns to the camera. “Are you repelled?” he asks. “Appalled? Amazed? Amused? We’re particles of light on the screen. But we can make you feel anything.” The film closes with the logo and the tagline, “See the light.”

Newport Film Festival Mandible trailer

“We wanted to demonstrate the power of film by taking audiences to a heightened state of emotion and then pulling them back to reality, reminding them that they’re watching particles of light on a screen,” said RPA Creative Director Scott McDonald. “We forget that many of our memories, sorrows, romantic urges and inspirations have been generated by something that is actually not there. Film is incredibly seductive. Watching can be a transformative experience that changes your worldview. This is what the Festival is all about. We wanted to create an artful, provocative piece that demonstrates that idea and also pushes the boundaries of what a festival promotion can be. And we definitely had the dream team to do it.”

The film will live on the Festival’s site as well as YouTube, and a :60 teaser will run before select films at the Festival. Signs throughout the Festival will remind the diverse audience of the power of particles of light to make people angry, ecstatic, sad or aroused. The campaign also includes theater, print, digital, outdoor boards, a program book and interstitials. Print will run in the “Los Angeles Times,” “Los Angeles Magazine,” and “Esquire”. Social-media activations will include an integrated Twitter and Vine campaign featuring six-second videos.

Newport Beach Film Festival 2013 poster

Mandible Credits

The Mandible campaign was developed at RPA by chief creative officer Joe Baratelli, group creative director Pat Mandelson, creative director Scott McDonald, art director Brian Farkas, copywriter Tylynne McCauley, executive producer (content) Gary Paticoff, agency producer Selena Pizarro and assistant producer Ryan Radley.

Filming was shot by directors Erich Joiner and Robert Richardson (DOP) via Tool of North America with screenwriter Lee Aronsohn, executive producer Oliver Fuselier, head of production Amy Delossa, line producers Joby Ochsner and Kelly Christensen, production supervisor Geno Imbriale, production designer Justin Trask and post co-ordinator Joshua Hamilton.

Editor was Chris Kursel at Lost Planet with assistant editors Trevor Schulte and Federico Brusilovsky, executive producer Gary Ward and producer Jaclyn Paris.

Visual effects were produced at The Mill by VFX producer Gabriel Libitsky, lead Flame artist James Allen, 3D lead Gawain Liddiard, production coordinator Antonio Hardy, 2D artists Daniel Lang, Patrick Munoz and Tim Bird, 3D artists Meng Yang Lu, Matt Longwell, Tom Graham, Phil Mayer and Miguel Guerrero.

Title design was done at Laundry! by creative director/designer/animator Tony Liu, executive producer Michael Bennett, head of production Eric Badros, producer Kirsten Collabolletta, title animators Yongmin Park and Julie Lenoble.

Telecine was produced at Efilm by production supervisor Chris Taft, digital colourist Ben Estrada, DI producer Vanessa Galvez, post production supervisor Erica Frauman and DI editor Curtis Lindersmith.

Audio post production was done at Margarita Mix by sound mixer Jeff Levy and post supervisor Michele Millard.