Newcastle Brown Independence Eve

Newcastle Brown Ale, the beer brewed by Heineken at their John Smith brewery in North England, is being promoted as the beer of choice as Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day on July 4. An advertising campaign has named July 3rd as “Independence Eve,” celebrating the last day of British rule over America, and all those things Americans sacrificed when they signed the Declaration of Independence. The campaign includes the “Revolutionary Koozie,” which features the British flag on one side and the stars and stripes on the other. It will be distributed at bars across the country. At the stroke of midnight on the 4th, the brand is encouraging drinkers to turn the beer wrapper 180 degrees, representing their historic shift from “honorary British subject to proud American.” The campaign includes a count down to the big day on Facebook and on Twitter @Newcastle. See more images from the effort below.

Newcastle Brown Independence Eve is July 3

Newcastle Brown Independence Eve 3 Days

Newcastle Brown Independence Eve 2 Days

Newcastle Brown Independence Eve 1 Day

Newcastle Brown Independence Eve Wig

Newcastle Brown Independence Eve Revolutionary Koozies

Click on the image below to see the Koozie animated gif in action, via the No Bollocks site.

Newcastle Brown Independence Eve Revolutionary Koozies Animated Gif


The Independence Eve campaign was developed at Droga5 New York by creative chairman David Droga, chief creative officer Ted Royer, executive creative director Kevin Brady, creative director Scott Bell, art directors Kevin Weir and Naomi Malik, copywriters Chris Colliton and Chase Kimball, head of integrated production Sally-Ann Dale, production assistant Heather Black and interactive designer Devin Croda.