Nelson Mandela in DecPlay Piano Revolution

Decplay, a piano tuition company, has produced an infographic featuring Nelson Mandela, timed to coincide with his 95th birthday. The ability of music to inspire and uplift is no secret. To a man like Nelson Mandela, music was a way to spread his anti-apartheid, pro-equality message and remind the people of South Africa that they were not alone in their fight against racism. During his long years in prison, Mandela even spent time in his inmates’ cells, singing to raise their spirits. This month as the world celebrates Mandela’s 95th birthday, DecPlay begins work on their charitable foundation to help rehabilitate prisoners by providing free music tuition. The infographic provides a timeline of Mandela’s extraordinary life alongside his relationship with music and some of his most inspirational quotes.

Decplay Nelson Mandela

Decplay Nelson Mandela


The Decplay Infographic was developed at Bite Digital, Manchester.

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