National Accident Helpline Grapevine

The National Accident Helpline in the UK has launched “Grapevine”, a television advertising campaign featuring new Underdog characters animated at Aardman. Set to Marvin Gaye’s 1960s hit “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”, the 30 second advert focuses on the theme of trust and recommendation and leads viewers to the microsite,

National Accident Helpline Grapevine commercial

During the short ‘making of’ video, Director Danny Capozzi explains why he thinks viewers are more likely to connect with the ad while Head model maker Chris ‘Enty’ Entwistle talks about the benefits of using claymation, saying because the characters are so “pliable and malleable, you can bend them around, and squeeze them so that you can add expression.”


The Knocked Down campaign was developed at CST The Gate by executive creative directors Dave Trott and Gordon Smith, and agency producer Serena Freeman.

Animation was produced at Aardman by director Danny Capozzi, producer Lynn Hollowell and model maker .

Sets were produced at ScaryCat Studio.

Post production was done at Prime Focus by colourist Tom Russell, Flame artist Derek Moore and VFX post producer Sara Beckman.

Underdog Green screen in National Accident Helpline Grapevine commercial

Underdog Wrap i National Accident Helpline Grapevine commercial

Underdog set in National Accident Helpline Grapevine commercial

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