Museum of Childhood Play to Learn

London’s V&A Museum of Childhood ‘Play to learn’ brand campaign, launched earlier in 2013, was designed to entice children and adults to visit the museum where they could learn through play in an inventive setting rich with stimulus and inspiration. The eye-catching press and poster executions, “Japanese”, “Genius”, ” Balloons”, ” Imagination”, ” Mind”, brought to life the point that playtime has far-reaching influences beyond childhood. Playtime impacts on childrens’ future development, wellbeing and movement into adulthood. The posters have been put on sale by the museum.

Museum of Childhood Japanese

“Kids can pick things up so easily. Colds. Viruses. Japanese.”

Museum of Childhood Japanese

“Every genius suffers the same fate. They grow up.”

Museum of Childhood Balloons

“Every day 490,000 blank canvasses are born into the world.”

Museum of Childhood Genius

“The greatest art gallery in the world is the imagination.”

Museum of Childhood Mind

“The Mind. Opening times: 0 to 10 years.”


The Play to Learn campaign was developed at AMV BBDO, London, by executive creative director Paul Brazier, copywriter Mark Fairbanks, art director Thiago de Moraes, art buyer Kirstie Johnstone, illustrators Lesley Barnes (Balloons and Imagination), LouLou & Tummie (Japanese), and Till Haffenbrak (Genius & Mind).