M&Ms Thank Nelson Mandela

M&Ms wished Nelson Mandela a happy birthday in 2007 with 8400 M&Ms carefully arranged by hand to create a six-colour facial portrait. The art work, used in print and television advertising, visually depicted the beauty of unification in South Africa and paid tribute to the man who made it possible. “Happy birthday Madiba. Thanks for encouraging us to embrace all our colours.” The art work was framed to be auctioned off for the Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund and was made available for public viewing.

M&Ms Happy Birthday Madiba

M&Ms Nelson Mandela

M&Ms Nelson Mandela

M&Ms Nelson Mandela

M&Ms Nelson Mandela

M&Ms Happy Birthday Madiba Portrait


The M&Ms Madiba campaign was developed at Network BBDO Cape Town by executive creative director Mike Schalit, creative director Ivan Johnson, art director Marcel Witbooi, copywriter Oskar Petty and artist Warren Lewis.

Filming was shot by John Leatherbarrow.

Photography courtesy of Warren Lewis and Marcel Witbooi.

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