Mating Season for Arthur

Channel 4 in the UK is promoting a new television program, “Mating Season”, with an advertising campaign featuring Arthur, a 150-year-old Galapagos tortoise who lost his partner Ethel after 100 years together. His exploits include a series of ill-feted dates and an epic night in a club before finding a match in a very unexpected place. The TV spot is accompanied by a print campaign designed by illustrator, Noma Bar, which evolves the gender symbols into a series of playful symbols that represent various relationship statuses, concluding (as the TV spot does) with the line: modern dating: it’s complicated. The campaign includes a Tumblr site,, with animated gifs, a game and Noma’s print ad.

Arthur and Ethel Mating Season

Creative4 creative director and film director John Allison said: “We wanted to create a campaign that spoke to people currently dating and people who had put their lucky date pants away years ago. Looking at the confusing rules of social media’s impact on dating, online dating and the changing attitudes towards sex, we felt it right to focus on the universal indisputable truth that modern dating is very complicated.”

Arthur at dinner Mating Season
Mating Seaons Starts 10 June
I'm Addicted to Arthur site Mating Season
I'm Addicted to Arthur game Whack A Glory Hole Mating Season

Mating Season Credits

The Mating Season campaign was developed at 4Creative by Chris Bovill, John Allison, Molly Manners and Alice Tonge, executive producer Shananne Lane, producer Nicola Brown, business director Olivia Browne,

Filming was shot by directors Chris Bovill and John Allison with director of photography Tom Townend.

Editor was Dan Sherwen at Final Cut.

Sound was designed by Rich Martin at Envy. Music was composed by Paul Hartnol at Orbital.

Visual effects were produced at MPC, London, by VFX producer Marianna Bruynseels, VFX supervisor Michael Gregory, CG supervisor Fabian Frank, VFX team Sean Ray, Chris Antoniou, Grant White, Gian-Luigi Granieri, Tom Harding, Chris Fraser, Jama Djurabaev, Levente Peterffy, Jacob Oommen, Sugumar S, Venkatesh R, Vivekananthan R, Sumesh Chammancheri, colourist Jean-Clement Soret.

Arthur was created at Asylum Models & Effects.