Lynx Zero For Men In Relationships

Unilever announced their launch of Lynx Zero, a new range ‘0%’ product for men in relationships, especially for April Fools Day. The range of sprays, shower gels and hair products, is understood to contain absolutely no ‘Lynx Effect’ – the brand’s infamous ingredient that has made guys irresistible to the opposite sex for years. The new range claims to boast all of the Lynx flavour, but just have less effect on the opposite sex. So lads in relationships – or even single lads who simply want a day off – can still look good, smell good and feel good… without getting in trouble.

Lynx Zero Angels

Jeff Noble, of Lynx, told us the inspiration behind the idea. “We’d received emails from girls who were fed up of their boyfriends getting loads of female attention. They admitted themselves that it wasn’t their other half’s looks that were the problem, and quite rightly pointed the blame at us. Although Lynx has always been proud to have such an impact on girls, we knew we should take a bit of responsibility and help out Lynx guys in relationships who may be getting it in the ear from their missuses.”

Lynx Zero Angels

Lynx Zero Paper

Lynx Zero April Boom


The Men In Relationships campaign was developed at Tullo Marshall Warren, London.

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