Louis Vuitton Spring Collection Insects

French fashion brand Louis Vuitton promoted their Spring collection in March 2013 with an advertising campaign focused on insects made from brand accessories. The campaign included a collection of shop window displays as well as a magazine advertising series.

Louis Vuitton Ladybird

Louis Vuitton Moth

Louis Vuitton Beetle

Louis Vuitton Dragonfly

Louis Vuitton Pink Wings

Louis Vuitton Shoes Blue Butterfly

Louis Vuitton Cochchafer


The Insects campaign was developed at Ogilvy France, Paris, by chief creative officer Chris Garbutt, creative director Grant Parker, art director Genevieve Hardy, copywriter Andrew Jolliffe, agency producers St├ęphanie Croccel, Catherine Masset, Marion Drouet and Fabienne Moreau, photographer Dan Tobin Smith, stylist Jean Michel Clerc, retoucher Martin Pryor, working with Louis Vuitton communication director Emmanuelle Guillon.