Living Your Dreams in the Philippines with Walter Mitty

American film director Casey Neistat has used the promotional budget for 20th Century Fox feature film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to deliver aid to Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. The film studio’s Latin America advertising agency Ogilvy Argentina contacted Neistat just days after Typhoon Haiyan struck on November 7, asking him to produce a film using the concept, “Live Your Dreams”. Neistat proposed to use the entire $US25,000 budget to travel to the Cebu and Tacloban in the Philippines and distribute much needed food, tools and medical supplies. Two buses were hired to deliver locally sourced 4,000 cases of crackers, 1008 cans of tuna, 1000 cans of canned fish, 4290 lbs of rice, 1440 cans of spam, 15000 packs of instant coffee, 30 hammers, 35 wood saws, 35 umbrellas and 1000 medical masks.

Walter Mitty Promotional Video

Cebu boat in Walter Mitty Promotional Video
Help Tacloban in Walter Mitty Promotional Video
Casey Neistat with bus in Walter Mitty Promotional Video
Casey Neistat with bus in Walter Mitty Promotional Video
Casey Neistat with queue in Walter Mitty Promotional Video
Casey Neistat with aid bags in Walter Mitty Promotional Video
Thanks 20th Century Fox in Walter Mitty Promotional Video

Living Your Dreams Credits

The Living Your Dreams concept was developed at Ogilvy Argentina, Buenos Aires, by executive creative directors Javier Mentasti and Maximiliano Maddalena, creative directors Ignacio Jardon and Diego Bertagni, account director Alicia Hultmann Ayala, account supervisor Julieta Real working with 20th Century Fox SVP international digital strategic marketing Bettina Sherick, marketing team Martín Zambonini and Martha Cavalheiro.

Filming was shot by director Casey Neistat with producer Oscar Boyson, associate producer Jack Coyne, editor Jeff Conrad. The New York based filmmaker is the writer, director, editor and star of the HBO series “The Neistat Brothers” and has released dozens of short movies on his YouTube account. Ogilvy and 20th Century Fox approached Neistat on the basis “Make It Count”, his virally successful video made to promote the Nike Fuel Band.

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