Land Rover Eating Out Adventure Ratings

Land Rover’s Eating Out campaign, featuring toasted dhab lizard with biryani rice, fruit bat soup, Goliath tarantula, stewed wildebeest eyeballs, and stir fried sago worms, has been recognised with a Gold Press Craft Lion for photography. The campaign provides five dishes, with adventure ratings ranging from 6 to 10 out of 10.

Land Rover Dhab Lizard with Biryani Rice

Land Rover Stir Fried Sago Worms

Dhab lizard with biryani rice: A Traditional Bedouin speciality in the Arabian Desert. Adventure rating: 6/10
Stir Fried Sago Worms: A popular breakfast dish in the Jungles of Borneo. Adventure rating: 7/10
Toasted Goliath Tarantula: A favourite snack for children in the Orinoco River Basin. Adventure rating: 8/10
Stewed Wildebeest Eyeballs: A tribal delicacy served at weddings in the Namibian Bush. Adventure rating: 9/10
Fruit bat soup: A gourmet treat on the Island of Palau. Adventure rating: 10/10

Land Rover Toasted Goliath Tarantula

Land Rover Wildebeest Eyeballs

Land Rover Fruit Bat Soup


The Eating Out campaign was developed at Y&R MENA, Dubai, by chief creative officer/creative director/copywriter Shahir Zag, creative director/art director Kalpesh Patankar, head of production Amin Soltani, account manager Pierre Farra and photographer James Day.