Lady Gaga Applause

Lady GaGa has released a music video for her single, “Applause”, from the album ARTPOP, with outfits including a clam bikini inspired by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus painting, mattress scenes inspired by her time as a young adult living on the Lower East Side, a “glove-kini” designed by Brandon Maxwell, and an appearance as a black swan birthed from a fur egg. The song was written in 2012 when the singer struggled with pain from an undiagnosed hip condition, sustained by the applause of her fans.

Lady GaGa Applause

Lady GaGa Applause

Lady GaGa Applause

Lady GaGa Applause Hat

Lady GaGa Applause Glovekini

Lady GaGa Applause Swan

Lady GaGa Applause Shells


Filming was shot by directors Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, via GE Projects and The Collective Shift, New York, with producer Gabe Hill, illustrator Jo Ratcliffe, stylist Brandon Maxwell and make-up artist Yadim.

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  1. Dodo says:

    The real inspiration is from Turkey.
    She has stolen the style of ol musician from Turkey, Zeki Muren who has died in 1996

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