Kanji City

“Kanji City”, a movie designed for Japanese entertainment exercise program COG, has won a Yellow Pencil for Moving Image (Graphic Design) at the D&AD Awards. The short film takes viewers through the City of Kyoto using 16 kanji animations, each of which symbolises a tree, river, temple, gate and so on.

Kanji City

“This project is new content designed for the exercise programme COG. Users can enjoy a 40-minute spinning exercise session with music and light installation, all synchronised to the pedalling. Instead of an instructor, a built-in iPad on each bike gives you effective directions by showing an animation that is themed to cities around the world. Kanji City is an intermediate programme for COG, designed with original images of Kyoto. Kyoto has tradition, culture and natural beauty. All virtual landscape is expressed in Kanji typeface.”


The Kanji City film was produced at Party and Tymote by creative director/art director/type director Naoki Ito, director/animator Kota Iguchi, designers Chihiro Konno and Rei Ishii, type designers Q Asaba and Chihiro Konno, composer Satoshi Murai, producer Satoshi Takahashi and project manager Keita Furusawa.

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