Jura Sketches Visual Taste

Scottish distiller Jura is teasing fans of its whisky with a new campaign showing an artist’s impression of people tasting a thirty-nine-and-three-quarter-year old whisky, ahead of its launch next year. The Visual Taste of 39 ¾s campaign had its beginnings at the Jura Whisky Festival, where attendees were given an exclusive chance to taste the special tipple. Artist Robbie’s Brown Shoes, of the Puck Collective, was on hand to capture the reactions of the tasters and his creations are now being shown on Jura’s Facebook page, as well as distributed via Twitter.

Jura Sketches

A video of the event is being shown online and tweeters of a legal drinking age are in with a chance to win a vial of The 39 ¾ by retweeting it.

Jura Sketch Thought

Jura Sketch Heart

Jura Sketch Taste

Jura Sketch Diurach

Jura Sketch Once Upon A Time


The Visual Taste campaign was developed at Holler London.

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