It’s Payback Time

Belgian bank BNP Paribas Fortis is running “It’s Payback Time”, an interactive advertising campaign promoting Easy transfer, a mobile application with which you can refund your friends via their mobile number. Users of the Payback site,, can put a little bit of pressure on friends that still owe them money after a lunch, festival or night out. Instead of sending a boring reminder mail, the Payback man can fix it, visit your friend on Google streetview to raise the pressure.

It's Payback Time


The Payback Time campaign was developed at Publicis Brussels by creative director Paul Servaes, creatives Daniel Van den Broucke and Kwint De Meyer, agency producer Marc Van Buggenhout, account director Jeannette Westerhout working with BNP Paribas Fortis team Charlotte Blondeau, Emilie Jacqueroux, Julie Lamoureux, Catherine Closset and Maarten Verboven.

Filming was shot by director Jan Boon via TRS Brussels with producers Frederik Zaman and Thomas Landeloos, editor Hans Desmet.

Sound was by Switch Music.