iPhone 5C Greetings to the Colorful

Apple’s third television commercial for the iPhone 5C is a celebration of the global success of the iPhone. People of many ethnicities, dressed in a variety of colors, answer their phones in their own languages. The voiceover: “Say hello to the iPhone 5c. For those who don’t just love color, but love being colorful.” The focus on greetings is reminiscent of the first iPhone ad in 2007, “Hello“.

iPhone 5C Colorful Body Paint

iPhone 5C Colorful Taxis

iPhone 5C Colorful Monk in Fruit Section

iPhone 5C Colorful Puppets

iPhone 5C Colorful Klingons


The iPhone 5C campaign is being developed at TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

Filming was shot by directors The Mercadantes (Daniel Mercadante and Katina Hubbard) via Epoch Films.