Indigenous PM for Australia

Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) has announced its plans to secure an additional $100M in funding with an integrated campaign launching this week via Host/The Glue Society and sister PR agency One Green Bean. The campaign presents a future gazing view of Australia’s first Indigenous Prime Minister following Newspoll research which revealed that two thirds of Australians don’t believe they’ll ever see this happen. Painted by Archibald Finalist and celebrated portrait artist Mathew Lynn, in collaboration with The Glue Society, the painting ran in the Weekend and Monday editions of The Australian with only the headline “This Will Never Happen” and an invitation to discuss via the hashtag #IndigenousPM. The image was shared widely across social media, prompting both discussion about the issue and speculation around who was behind it.

Indigenous PM It Can Happen

Indigenous PM It Can Happen

Today, AIEF unveiled how they believe they can play a part in making it happen by providing scholarships at some of the country’s top schools to Indigenous children.

AIEF CEO Andrew Penfold said “We are very appreciative of the support from all agencies and partners involved and their combined creative efforts to bring the #IndigenousPM campaign to life. In the few years that we’ve been pushing for change, we’ve achieved a 90% success rate, the highest success rate of any program in the country and nearly double the national average for Indigenous students completing year 12. While many of our Indigenous students may not want to be Prime Minister, we believe that quality education can open doors to boardrooms, cabinet and other influential offices – and that opening these doors can be nation changing.”

As a result of the campaign AIEF hopes to raise another $100 million to support its plan to educate 7,000 Indigenous students across Australia. This comes after the AIEF exceeded its first target of raising $44 million from private and government funding towards educating 2,000 Indigenous students, and follows Federal Education Department statistics showing AIEF has the highest rate of Year 12 completion of any federally funded program (90 per cent as opposed to a national average of 51 per cent).


The Indigenous PM campaign was developed at Host Sydney and The Glue Society, with portrait artist Matthew Lynn, production company Will O’Rourke, PR agency One Green Bean and special advisor to AIEF Nigel Marsh.