I Shared a Photo

Children of the Street, a not-for-profit organisation in Canada, is running “I Shared a Photo”, an online film raising awareness of sexual exploitation of teenagers. Held throughout British Columbia from March 11 through 17, the 15th Annual STOP the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth Awareness Week brings awareness to the importance of supporting communities in developing prevention, education, enforcement and intervention strategies to address the sexual exploitation of children and youth.

I Shared a Photo


The I Shared a Photo spot was developed at Cossette Vancouver by creative director/copywriter Michael Milardo, art director Bart Batchelor, producers April Haffenden and Andrea MacFarlane, studio artist Rob Horsman, video director and photographer Clinton Hussey, editor/sound designer Chris Nielsen and digital brand director Kate Chalmers.

  • John Merge

    Excellent spot. Such a prominent issue in today’s text message driven world!