Housing opens doors

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA) is running “Housing Opens Doors”, an integrated advertising campaign designed to raise awareness of the need for more affordable housing in Ontario, Canada. People on lower incomes have to struggle to pay rents that are sometimes 70 percent of their income. Buying basics like fresh food, medical care and transportation is next to impossible. 16 colourful, interactive doors, on display in down Toronto, help make the connections between affordable housing and addressing poverty. A real doorbell on each door wirelessly registers your support on the housingopensdoors.ca site. “This door creates jobs. Because this is the door to an affordable home”.

Housing Opens Doors outside display with doorbell

Housing Opens Doors outside display

Housing Opens Doors outside display

Housing Opens Doors outside display with crowd

Housing Opens Doors outside display - affordable home


The Housing Opens Doors campaign was developed at Manifest Communications, Toronto, by creative director Jim Diorio, art director/illustrator Paul Bonsell, copywriter Matthew Donne, illustrator Justin Cheung, technology supervisor Erin Lewis, in association with Paul Bowley Architects, working with ONPHA’s Manager of Communications and Marketing, John Wilson.