Her A Spike Jonze Love Story

The trailer for “Her” accomplishes what the film will paint in much broader strokes. Teetering along the question of whether the hold social media has on us is for better or for worse, “Her” is a film about a world we will certainly see in which you can craft a very intellectual and responsive computer operating system to your social liking… or loving. It is a very realistic and eerie ‘what if’ movie.

Her Poster

Many people are being raised in a world of instant gratification. They change their Facebook picture and they are now officially attractive or popular or creative. They post a tweet and now the world knows their problems and sympathizes, maybe even reveres their issues. We want to be understood but at such an age where we don’t even know ourselves yet, we’re simply manically batting who we can be against the walls hoping for appreciation like a game of racket ball. Social media can provide an instant relief to this loneliness, but is it just prolonging the substantial and reliable comfort of self-awareness or a true companion? Director/writer Spike Jonez, and actors Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson have formalized these issues in the form of a romantic film, set to be released in select theatres in December.

The Her movie is being promoted online at herthemovie.com, a Tumblr based site including “Everything About Everything”, Spike Jonze’s film production blog.

Her the Movie site
Her the Movie site Everything About Everything

Her Credits

Her is directed and written by director Spike Jonze with cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema, editors Jeff Buchanan and and Eric Zumbrunnen, executive producers are Daniel Lupi and Chelsea Barnard. Music is by Arcade Fire.

Featured actors are Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams.