Help Victims Become Survivors

National Childrens Alliance is running a television and online advertising campaign focused on supporting victims of sexual abuse, centred on a short PSA written and directed by an 18 year old high school graduate of Exeter High School, New Hampshire. Kevin Gendron was inspired to produce the PSA after discovering that a child wishing to disclose abuse may have to talk to as many as seven adults before being taken seriously. The PSA, “Stand Up, Step Forward,” seeks to compel adults to take that first step in leading children to the help they need. During the spot, a student stays behind after class is dismissed. She approaches her teacher, talking to her in confidence about being abused. The campaign connects viewers to (

Help Victims become Survivors

Help Victims become Survivors

Stand Up, Step Forward Credits

The Stand Up, Step Forward ad was written, directed and edited by Kevin Gendron with writer David McHugh, director of photography Jonathan Millman, PPM-TV producer Peter Connors, assistant director Karlina Lyons, executive producers Tara C. Schoff, David McHugh, Chase Bailey, George Venci and Bill Humphreys, motion graphics artist Mike Gillis, art director Kurt Bergeron, art consultant JC Wegman, still photographer Lorenzo Vigil, production coordinator Elizabeth Perrin-Vigil, production assistants Jennifer Glanville, Garrett Pray, Chris Liquori, Connor O’Hurley and Zach Anderson, campaign coordinator Samantha Eagan.

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Music is “You”, written and performed by Nils Frahm, taken from the album “Screws”, courtesy of Erased Tapes Records. Download You from Screws on iTunes.