Hello Flo Camp Gyno

Start up company Hello Flo is gathering fans with “Camp Gyno”, a humorous commercial promoting a monthly subscriptions service for menstrual products. “Gamp Gyno” features a young entrepreneurial girl who becomes the periods expert at her all-girls summer camp. “For these campers, I was their Joan of Arc,” she says. “It’s like, I’m Joan, and their vag is the ark.” Her reign as supplier continues until her fellow campers discover Hello Flo’s delivery deal. “The whole camp started getting friggin’ care packages in the mail, with tampons and panty liners and candy! All perfectly timed to their cycle! It’s like Santa for your vagina!”

Hello Flo Camp Gyno


The campaign was developed by copywriter Pete Marquis and art director Jamie McCelland with Hello Flo founder Naama Bloom.

Filming was shot by Marquis and McCelland and produced at Hayden 5 by executive producer Milos Silber, producers Tyler Ben-Amotz and Todd Wiseman Jr.

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