Heineken The Candidate

Heineken has released “The Candidate”, an online video featuring unorthodox job interview techniques. Over 1700 applicants were interviewed for a job with Heineken’s event and sponsorship department. One of the job applicants, Guy Luchting, won a job which includes accompanying the UEFA Champion’s League Trophy as it makes it way around the world, prior to arriving at Wembley for the Final on May 25th.

Heineken The Candidate

The Heineken Candidate interview moved through three stages: the Kick Off, Medical Assistance and Fire Drill. During the Kick Off the interviewers held potential candidates by the hand. In “Medical Assistance” the interviewer faked being ill and fainted to test the candidate’s capacity for taking initiative. Firemen call the candidates for help during the fire drill. The interviews were put to a public vote.


The Candidate campaign was developed at Publicis Italy, Milan, by creative directors Cristiana Boccassini, Bruno Bertelli, Dario Gargiulo, art director Marco Viganò, copywriter Michele Picci, digital associate creative director/art director Domenico Manno, digital copywriter Daniele Papa, graphic designer Santi Urso and account director Giada Salerno, and Tribal DDB Amsterdam by community manager Wybe Sallows, and Coz Marketing, Amsterdam, by creative director Micha Schipper, art director Jorge Delgado and account director Michael Littaur, working Heineken International digital marketing manager Dario Gargiulo.

Production was done at State 31 by executive producer Rogier Sol, production manager Sara Nix with editor Fabrizio Squeo.

Featured in The Candidate video are Patricio Pinguin, Gert-Jan Glazenburg, Vicenzo Graniello Bright, ElCompa C Pliegof, Leonard Alexander S, Dama Cordero, Flavio Silva and Elyton Oliveira.

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    Creative Agency: Publicis, Italy
    Creative Directors: Cristiana Boccassini, Bruno Bertelli, Dario Gargiulo
    Art Director: Marco Viganò
    Copywriter: Michele Picci
    Digital Associate Creative Director and Art director: Domenico Manno
    Digital Copywriter: Daniele Papa
    Graphic design: Santi Urso
    Account Director: Giada Salerno

    Tribal DDB, Amsterdam
    Community Manager: Wybe Sallows

    Coz Marketing, Amsterdam
    Creative Director: Micha Schipper
    Art Director: Jorge Delgado
    Account Director: Michael Littaur

    Production: State 31
    Executive Producer: Rogier Sol,
    Production Manager: Sara Nix

    Editor: Fabrizio Squeo

    Client: Heineken International
    Manager Heineken Digital: Dario Gargiulo

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