Happy Egg Chick Cam

The Happy Egg Company in the UK has used the week leading up to Easter to run the Happy Egg Chickcam, using Google+ Hangout and Youtube Live to stream the hatching of chicks. Over four days cameras connected viewers to the incubation and hatching of 17 eggs, from the first cracks of the shell through to the development of gorgeous fluffy chicks. Chickcam was run in partnership with the happy chick company, which is sponsored by happy egg and provides chick hatching experiences for nurseries, schools and retirement homes. The Chickcam campaign is featured online at Google+, facebook.com/thehappyeggco, instagram.com/thehappyeggco, @thehappyeggco.

Happy Egg Chick Cam

On Monday the Chickcam campaign provided an opportunity for live Q&A on hatching chicks with Madeline from the Happy Chick Company, using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ event posts. On Tuesday viewers were given a chance to send in suggestions for the 17 Chick Cam eggs. On Wednesday questions and answers focused on egg farms with Happy Egg farmer JP. On Thursday, the final fay of Chick Cam, a golden egg was sneaked into one of the camera views. The first five people to email the competition received a bundle of Happy Eggs goodies.

Happy Egg Chick Cam

Happy Egg Twitter Page

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The Chick Cam campaign was developed at Hypernaked with Google UK/Ireland communications and public affairs manager creative Anoek Eckhardt.

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