Guinness Made of More Illustration

Guinness’ Made of More print advertising campaign, “Rockstar”, “Entrepreneur” and “Pool Player”, brings together the drink and the drinker, using visual craft to illustrate three journeys to greatness. The Rockstar ad uses illustrative photography to portray the path to the stage. The Pool Player uses an etching-like style resembling the scuffs the cue leaves behind when it scratches felt. The “Entrepreneur” ad uses an MC Echer approach to reveal the story of a bricklayer who rises to success as a businessman.

Guinness Rockstar

Guinness Entrepreneur

Guinness Pool Player


The Made of More campaign was developed at BBDO Proximity Singapore by chief creative officer Ronald Ng, executive creative director Scott Walker, creative director/copywriter Primus Nair, creative director/art director Douglas Goh, art director/illustrator Jennyson Rosero, photographer Cedric Lim at Egg Productions, account supervisor Joe Braithwaite, account manager Fiona Huang.

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