Greenpeace call to Save Santa’s Home

Greenpeace has been using this year’s Christmas season to raise awareness of the environmental challenges associated with the traditional home of Santa Claus, the North Pole. Santa (Jim Carter) warns children of the world that his home is being threatened by the melting of Arctic ice. World leaders such as Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are on his naughty list after they refused to respond to his pleas for concerted action. The ad ends with a call to action to Save Santa’s Home and a link to search for the campaign website, and sign Greenpeace’s petition.

Greenpeace Santa

The Save Santa’s Home site includes a range of donated cards by artists including Raymond Briggs, Modern Toss and Natalie Sutton. Link image site Send A Card

Raymond Briggs card on Greenpeace site

Modern Toss Russian prison card on Greenpeace site

Natalie Sutton Last Piece of Ice card on Greenpeace site


Filming was shot by director Ed Morris via Rattling Stick with producer Chris Harrison, director of photography Jim Jolliffe.

Editor was Jack Singer at Cut + Run. Post production was done at Rushes.

  • Andy

    Global warming is all bull shit you government f**king liars were entering a new ice age and the planet is cooling. One erupting volcano puts out more CO2 than all the cars in the world can . the government wants to charge you a bullshit tax so they can take nice vacations .