Go Time with Van Damme has launched “It’s Go Time”, an advertising campaign featuring action-film actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, marking a move away from the days of scantily clad GoDaddy girls. The domain name and hosting company is shifting focus away from young men towards helping small businesses leverage the Internet. GoDaddy has also unveiled a new website and redesigned its Website Builder product with hundreds of templates for a variety of businesses. Van Damme in Go Time Facebook

When Ben’s Bread Box baker cooks up new orders with his website, he calls on his inner Van Damme to keep up with demand. Watch him dominate the dough while Jean-Claude jams. Van Damme plays a fiery flute and does the splits as he delivers the message, “It’s go time” to a hurried baker.

GoDaddy’s new Go Time manifesto is “Kick Ass”, helping small business owners and anyone else with a dream to do more. Van Damme in Go Time Van Damme in Go Time Cut Out

Go Time Credits

The Van Damme Go Time campaign was developed at Deutsch, New York.

Greg DiNoto, partner and chief creative officer at Deutsch New York, said: “We wanted an inspiring line that sounded consistent with the GoDaddy brand. ‘It’s go time’ says we support small-business owners, helping them get ready to do battle, ready to step up. Jean-Claude Van Damme is representative of the spirit of this go-getter target audience; he winkingly says, ‘Let’s do business, let’s kill it.’ ”

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