Global Alliance on War Crimes

Global Alliance Asia-Pacific (Global Alliance For Preserving the History of WWII in Asia) is a federation of grassroots organizations dedicated to the remembrance, redress and reconciliation concerning World War II in Asia, also known as the Pacific War. Ogilvy in Vietnam and Singapore combined resources to create a new awareness campaign with the aim of pressuring the government of Japan to allow war crimes to be a matter of public record. Four magazine advertisements, “70 Years Ago”, “Nazi German”, “Prince Asaka” and “Runner Up”, raise awareness of the people behind the Nanjing Massacre, Unit 731, Comfort Women, Prisoners of War and Forced Labor.

Global Alliance Nazi German John Rabe

Global Alliance Nazi German Prince Asaka

Global Alliance Nazi German Runner Up Beheadings

Global Alliance Nazi German 70 Years Ago Rape Stories


The Nanking History campaign was developed at Ogilvy Singapore and Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, by executive creative director/art director/copywriter Todd McCracken, copywriters Craig Love and Martin Sutcliffe, art director/graphic designer/typographer Len Cheeseman, art director Huy Anh Le, graphic designers/typographer Gill Clark, graphic designers Bonnie Tram Nguyen, Joe Harris, BJ Galinato, Ky Le, and retoucher Steve Cicala.